Friday, April 3, 2015

Project 52 - Week 13 - Technology

I'm still working on making time to get this project off the ground.  I've got tons of work to do on this site as well as on learning all my camera can do.  But, I need to stop letting that hold up my posts.

SO, taking inspiration from Whimsy & Hope by Sarah Halstead, I am setting a new goal for myself to link up with her photography challenge, Project 52!  They're already on week 13, but I'm starting this week and at the very last minute.

Whimsy & Hope by Sarah Halstead

This week's theme is Technology.  Without further ado, my photo:

Using my computer's webcam to capture a shot of myself and Buddy!

I hope to stick with this project and grow as a photographer this year.  Won't you join me on the adventure by "Like"-ing my page on Facebook?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Along Came a Spider!

This little guy decided to set up house on the window blinds right above my computer monitor. He's no bigger than the thickness of a blind himself! He's built a perfect, though tiny, web that blends in almost completely with the blinds. So much so that I almost didn't see him as I angled them open to let the light in this morning.

He's got my mind whirring.

Thinking about how easy it is for us to destroy what others have worked tirelessly toward; without even a second thought. How easily we dismiss others' art or dreams or passions as inconsequential.

How many times have I done that to others? How many times have others done that to me?

How many times have I done that to myself?

I know the correct answer to the last question: too many times.  With as little regard for what I had hoped to accomplish as I might have had for this little spider's work, I whisk away my work and silently whisper hateful words to be certain I remain idle.

Not today.

Today I noticed. Today I picked up my camera and felt it's weight comfortable in my hands. Today I wrote. Today, the hateful, silent whispers were quiet!

This is a mark in the "Wins" column!  Isn't it funny how the smallest thing can change everything!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Developments: My One Word for 2015

I'm working on things for me.  I purchased this domain and created the beginning of an idea for it months ago, yet it sits as empty as the day I began...

That will change soon!

It may sound crazy, but choosing one word to focus on this year had been rattling around in my head for a few days and then my word came to me as I was slipping out of a dream this morning.  I KNEW my word, my focus needed to be DEVELOPMENT(s).

It's a process...

Development of me.  The process I've been hiding from for far too long now.  Development of thoughts, and images, and me.

Before this goes on too much longer or gets too rambly, I'll wrap things up and call this the first official post of CHill Developments.

If you'd like to read what I've been doing the last few years, it's mostly documented here.  This is a new beginning.  I'm not sure yet what will happen with my other blog, but after much thought today I feel certain that this page is meant to be a place where I document the changes I hope to make in my life in the coming days, months and years!

I hope you'll join me for the ride!